Proceq Profoscope
Rebar Locator


Rebar location is a central activity for anyone involved in on-site testing of reinforced structures. Locating rebars is a necessity when drilling, cutting coring as well as a preliminary operation required for most other non-destructive investigations.
Abbey Spares Ltd Proceq Profoscope Rebar Locator

Proceq Profoscope Rebar Locator

The Proceq Profoscope is a versatile, fully-integrated rebar detector and cover meter with a unique real-time rebar visualization allowing the user to actually “SEE” the location of the rebar beneath the concrete surface to a maximum depth of 180 mm. This is coupled with rebar-proximity indicators and optical and acoustical locating aids. Rebar diameter can also be estimated within the specified testing range. The Proceq Profoscope combines these unique features in a compact, light device that allows the user to operate this rebar detector with one hand making the task of locating rebars a simple and efficient process. In addition, Proceq’s rebar detector convinces through its intuitive user interface making rebar detection easy.

Availabe as Basic and the new Plus model, the Proceq Profoscope + Rebar Locator has the benefit of data logging the results for download to a PC.
The Proceq Profoscope Cover Meter uses different coil arrangements to generate several magnetic fields.

Advanced signal processing allows:

  • Localization of a rebar
  • Localization of the mid-point between rebars
  • Determination of the cover
  • Estimation of the bar diameter
  • Determination of the orientation of a rebar

The Proceq Profoscope Cover Meter is designed to permit single handed operation. All functions can be programmed/activated using the two function keys and the navigation. The instrument is compact, light and robust suitable for use on a construction site. Unfavorable lightning conditions may be found for instance in parking decks. Equipped with the optional illumination, the display can be examined much easier even under such adverse conditions.

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