Proceq Paper Schmidt PS8000

The Proceq Paper Schmidt PS8000 is the first rebound hammer designed specifically for paper roll hardness testing.

Extensive field tests carried out at major manufacturers and converters across Europe have consistently shown that it provides previously unachievable roll-profiling accuracy and repeatability.
Abbey Spares Ltd Proceq Paper Schmidt Hammer

Proceq Paper Schmidt PS8000 TAPPI T834

The Proceq Paper Schmidt PS8000 is fully compliant with the TAPPI T834 om-07 standard used in North America to regulate roll hardness testing, and delivers instantly all of the key parameters required for assessing the quality of paper rolls.

The Proceq PaperSchmidt Hammer has a high compliance plunger and a revolutionary measurement principle that is independent of the angle of impact. This gives the PaperSchmidt its “Best in Class” roll profiling performance.

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  • The paper roll profile can be viewed directly on the integrated display.
  • The user interface is highly intuitive and language independent.
  • The Proceq Paper Schmidt PS8000 provides an automatic calculation of the average paper roll hardness, the range and standard deviation.
  • The Proceq Paper Schmidt PS8000
    can also be programmed to indicate immediately if pre-set max/min values are exceeded.
  • A high quality robust construction, a sealing system and specially treated impact plungers greatly extend the lifetime of the instrument beyond that of any comparable product – significantly reducing maintenance costs in a heavy usage industry.
  • The Proceq Paper Schmidt PS8000
    can be easily programmed for individual user requirements.
  • Supplied complete with – Paper Schmidt PS8000:

  • Battery charger with USB-cable CD with
  • Paperlink software
  • Mobile App Proceq Paper Schmidt App
  • App Display Any compatible Apple® iOS device (iOS 12 and later)
  • App Workflow Features
  • Paperlink software

  • Software / Workspace App:

  • Mobile App :Proceq Paper Schmidt App
  • App Display :Any compatible Apple® iOS device (iOS 12 and later)
  • App Workflow Features :Voice read-out of each impact (only on iOS®) Logbook with geolocation, audio, image and text annotations Series statistics ,Generate roll profiles ID, Barcode and QR code scanner Set min/max values Single series reporting: CSV
  • App Verification Features: Software-assisted verification on an anvil
  • Software / Workspace App: (Cont)

  • PC Software :Paperlink 2 software runs on Windows 7 or newer
  • PC Workflow features :Download and manage roll data Instant view on measurement data span ,Set up and change min/max limits Display statistics Insert measurement comments ,Export data to CSV file Export PNG images

  • Applications:

  • IPaper industry
  • Foils, films and other plastic sheet materials

    Processing Unit / Sensor:

  • Measurement
    Roll profile measurement
    (series of rebound value)
  • Technology Optical Rebound Velocity Quotient

  • Processing Unit / Sensor: (Cont)

  • Technology Optical Rebound Velocity Quotient
  • Key Features: Impact angle independent.
    Displays the impacts on-screen as you work
    Set min/max values. Connect to PC, mobile app and portable printer.
  • Impact Energy: 0.735 Nm
  • Memory Instrument: memory > 20’000 impacts
  • Display: Analog & backlit digital
    (100 x 100 pixels, graphic)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth® LE, USB for charging, updates and wired data transfer to PC
  • Standards compliance: TAPPI T834,
    TAPPI TIP 1004-01

  • Warranty:

    Standard 2-year limited warranty on electronic indicating units with optional extended warranty periods up to 3 years.


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