Proceq Equotip 550
UCI Portable Vickers

Portable Rockwell hardness tester for scratch-sensitive, polished and thin parts. It features excellent sensitivity through small penetration of a few micrometer. Rugged touchscreen with enhanced software features and analysis functions. 
Abbey Spares Ltd Proceq Equotip 550 Leeb

Proceq Equotip 550 UCI Portable Vickers

Equotip 540 UCI as a direct replacement for the MIC10 that includes the Proceq UCI probe, Equotip Platform display and carry case with the option to purchase additional features and accessories.

Equotip 550 UCI is the full package that also allows the Equotip Platform display to utilise the Equotip Leeb probes and Equotip Portable Rockwell Probe.

The UCI Measuring Principle

The UCI (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance) method uses the same pyramid-shaped diamond as a conventional Vickers hardness tester. Unlike Vickers testing, no optical evaluation of the indentation is required, enabling fast and portable measurements.

The UCI method excites a rod into an ultrasonic oscillation. The test load is applied by a spring and typically ranges from 1 to 10 kg of force (HV1 – HV10). As the diamond is forced into the material, the frequency of the rod oscillation changes in response to the contact area between the diamond and the material under test. The instrument detects the shift in frequency, converts it to a hardness value which is immediately displayed on the screen.

The electronically adjustable test load between HV1 and HV10 (~10 N and ~98 N) makes the Proceq Equotip 550 UCI (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance) the perfect measuring device for fine-grained material with any shape or for heat-treated surfaces.

The combination with the Proceq Equotip Leeb Impact Devices and Portable Rockwell Probe additionally allows automatic on-site correlations of two measuring methods.



Quick & Reliable Measurements
User guidance enables reliable and accurate hardness readings to be obtained quickly and easily.

Adjustable Test Load
Switch easily between HV1 – HV10 with no need to buy further probes – one probe, multiple measurements.

Combined Method of Measurements
By using a combination of the Portable Rockwell or Leeb probe a combined method of measurement can be obtained.

Broad Hardness Scales Coverage
Measurements in HV with automatic integrated conversions to HB, HRA, HRB, HRC and many more common
scales in compliance to ASTM E140 and ISO 18265.

Unique Software Features
Additional features such as the profile view and industry specific settings allow for a very smooth workflow.


  • The pull off tester measures the adhesive strength of applied coatings e.g. plastic or concrete coatings, mortars, plasters, bituminous coats
  • Determining the surface strength of concrete and other materials
  • The pull off tester is ideal for the evaluation of tensile strength in concrete renovation
  • Specifications

  • Measuring range 20 – 2000 HV
  • Resolution 1 HV (UCI), 0.1 HRC
  • Measuring accuracy ± 2 % (150 – 950 HV)
  • Test load HV5 (~50 N)
  • Diamond indenter Vickers diamond according to ISO 6507-2
  • Dimensions 155 x ø 40 mm (6.1 x ø 1.57 inches) without foot
  • Standards:

  • DIN 50157
  • DIN 50159
  • ASTM A1038

  • Conversion Standards

  • ASTM E140
  • ISO EN 18265

  • Guidelines

  • DGZfP Guideline MC 1
  • VDI/VDE Guidline 2616 Paper 1
  • ASME CRTD-91