Proceq RQ8000
Paper Roll Quality Tester

The RQ8000 complements Proceq’s current portfolio with PaperSchmidt and Equotip 550 Leeb U instruments and together offer the most comprehensive range of paper testing possibilities.
Abbey Spares Ltd PRQ8000 
Paper Roll Quality Tester

Proceq RQ8000 Paper Roll Quality Tester

The RQ8000 Roll Quality Tester is designed for fast and accurate measurement of paper roll and machine roll hardness profile.
This hand-held measurement device includes hardness measuring unit and distance encoder. Paper reels with non-uniform hardness profile may cause problems when printed or converted.
RQ8000 is the fastest and the most accurate system to detect reels that need to be excluded in printing or converting processes.


30 impacts per second monitored 100’000 times ensure ultra high measurement accuracy , enabling live detection of the smallest roll defects and even profile control.

Versatile, suitable for various types of materials from standard paper up to thin composite rolls films.

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Application Process:

  • General: Roll process control
  • Customer rolls quality control
  • Parent reels testing
  • Calliper profile control
  • Machine roll control
  • Roll grinding control
  • Non-destructive testing of end rolls –winder testing profile control
  • Calendering process control
  • Tracking of other parameters that can be monitored through hardness profile change
  • No roll-size limits

Application Materials:

  • Paper
  • Aluminum
  • Plastic (PET/PET, etc)
  • Composite multilayer (e.g. PET/PE/Aluminum)
  • Thin films (e.g. BDF, BOPET, BOPP, BOPA)
  • Custom
  • Measurement parameters:

  • Technology
    Impact hammer deceleration method
  • Native scale Gravity units, g, [9.81 m · s 2
  • Secondary method Impat hammer penetration depth
  • Secondary scale Depth /μm
  • Measurement frequency (impact)
    30 Hz, 30 Hz, (30 hits ·-1
  • Impact hammer measurement resolution
    100’000 s-1
  • Lenght measurement resolution 1 mm
  • Max recommended measurement speed* Up to 50 cm· s -1
  • Device parameters:

  • Dimensions - 75 x 105 x 190 / mm (3 x 2.4 x 7.3 in)
  • Weight 1’250 g / 44.1 oz
  • Device housing - Rugged metal encasing & frame.
  • Verification according to: Internal standard for periodic control.
  • Bar and QR code scanner - Built
    in camera with illumination, various
    formats supported including linear, stacked
    linear and matrix bar (QR codes), range
    1 30 cm.

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