Steinweg Böcker Superlift Ladder Hoist

bocker_logoSteinweg Toplift 200, the lightweight, easy to handle parts make this ladder hoist easily loaded, transported and erected in no time at all. Toplift is ready to go without any tools.

Complete with a hand control operated by push buttons; up/down and emergency stop, the UK version of this popular hoist runs on 110 volt supply lifting the maximum 200 kg load to a height of up to 20.30m, at a speed of 25 m/min.

The carriage rollers have maintenance free needle bearings and utilises a slack rope device and large drum winch to prolong the life of the wire rope

Toplift Ladder Hoist Toplift Ladder Hoist 2

A huge range of accessories are available for the Toplift to make this a truly versatile hoist.

The hoist carriages are available in two formats either standard or tilting.

A bend section is available that is adjustable from 20° to 45° that is manufactured with heavy duty hardened steel rolls to prolong the life of the rope.

Accessories include an 80 litre capacity Tilting Bucket, Sheet Platform for plasterboard and sheet goods as well as tile platforms and a pallet cart to load the tile platform with.

Technical Specifications



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200 kg

Standard Height
11.30 m

Max. Length of rail
20.3 m

Standard Rope Length
44 m

Rope Diameter

Drive Unit
230 Volt

Control Voltage
42 Volt

Hoisting Speed
25 m/min