Steinweg Böcker MX Range

bocker_logoChoose the construction hoist system which will provide you with custom-made solutions for passenger and material transport on all job-sites.

Material hoist in accordance with EN 12158-1 or passenger and material hoist in accordance with EN 12159.


Transport efficiency

  • Up to 2,000 kg material
  • 12 persons
  • 24 m/min. as standard, i.e. double the speed for passenger transport than on standard transport platforms
  • 40 m/min. available for high buildings


  • Comfortable passenger and material transport, i.e. the hoist can be called from landings at any time
  • Constant high speed

Flexibility and versatility

  • Modular system allows multiple platform configurations parallel or perpendicular to the facade
  • Passenger transport with partially open platform already meets most safety requirements of EN 12159 which is the basis for the high transport efficiency. The majority of platform configurations can also be equipped as full passenger hoists

Drive options

  • Hoisting speed 24 m/min – all models available with VFC-drive and lifting speed 40 m/min (MX 640, MX 940, …)


  • Operator-controlled passenger transport with partially open platform and material transport in accordance with EN 12158-1; passenger and material hoist in accordance with EN 12159 for use without a dedicated operator

Standard configurations

  • Single or dual mast design
  • Mast segments of Superlift 500 Z and 7/600 PM can be used
  • Capacity: 650-2000 kg
  • Hoisting height max.: 200 m




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