Proceq Original Swiss Schmidt Hammer

Abbey Spares and Supplies Ltd

Proceq Original Swiss Schmidt concrete test hammers are used for the non-destructive measurement of concrete/mortar compressive strength and the control of the uniform concrete quality (in-situ concrete and prefabricated structures) as well as for detecting weak spots. The compressive strength (fc) is established by measuring the hardness (rebound value R) of the concrete surface with the Schmidt Hammer in conjunction with the conversion curves.

Proceq Original Swiss Schmidt Concrete test hammers with various impact energies can be used depending on the form and sizes of the concrete structures (lower impact energy for thin and/or weak components). The Schmidt Hammer is available with paper chart recorders (LR and NR) which can automatically register the rebound values on a paper chart roll.

Type N Schmidt Hammer

Rebound values are read from a scale for subsequent calculation of the mean. Compressive strength values can be read from a conversion diagram

Type NR Schmidt Hammer

Rebound values are recorded as a bar chart on a paper roll which has a capacity for 4’000 test impacts

Type L Schmidt Hammer

For type N, but the type L uses a 1/3 of the impact energy to create the rebound

Type LR Schmidt Hammer

For type NR, but with 1/3 impact energy. The LR also features a paper roll for recording up to 4’000 test impacts.


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