The world’s most advanced R-value concrete test hammer

Abbey Spares and Supplies Ltd

Original Schmidt Live

Proceq has taken its industry-leading, Original Schmidt, rebound hammer to a new level of performance and ease-of-use. Transformed now into a digitally-capable tool. Unrivalled for testing, reporting and analysis of concrete strength and uniformity.

Its comprehensive digital capability and the proven durability of Original Schmidt hammers combine to give you the world’s most advanced R-value concrete test hammer.

A versatile tool

Original Schmidt Live works as a:

  • Digital hammer with digital reporting and data sharing (via a free, comprehensive Apple iOS app)
  • Stand-alone analogue hammer (use it offline and download data to the app later)

It also comes as a model that works as a digital print console by wirelessly connecting to a Bluetooth printer and directly printing out test results.

Original Schmidt Live: a comprehensive R-value hammer for the concrete and paper industries and geologists.

Speed and flexibility

Prepare, test and share test results (to all major standards) via the app up to 80 percent quicker than with traditional hammers. That’s an incredible time saving!

Send the report directly from the app to your customers and have your colleagues view it instantly on the Schmidt Live web reporting tool.

Free up your staff to be more productive and get more satisfaction from a once-laborious task.

Prevent read-out, transcription, and human errors, and avoid losing hand-written measurements, as all data is stored instantly on a safe and secure cloud.

Comprehensive Apple iOS app for measuring, reporting and analysis

Web reporting tool for instant offsite data availability and synchronising

Light and strong fibre-reinforced shell

Powered by flight-safe AAA batteries

Dual displays: analogue and backlit digital

All mechanical components are Original Schmidt components to ensure standards compatibility and durability

Abbey Spares Original Schmidt Live Concrete Test Hammer

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