Concrete inspection and rebar locating
with GPR now fits the palm of your hand

Proceq GP8800 is yet another revolution by Proceq in concrete inspection and imaging. The rugged, lightweight Swiss Made probe packs our unique radar technology in a tiny footprint with gigantic clarity and depth. This makes it possible to locate rebar and tendon ducts by inspecting overhead, in tight spots, close to walls, from the edge of the slab—and in congested spaces, such as underneath pipes.

Connect the powerful probe to your iPad and enjoy the rich features of the famously user-friendly Proceq GPR Live app. Inspect with ease in four different configurations by reorienting the wireless wheel on the fly, even during the measurement, without screws or tools. Enjoy powerful post-processing, visualisation, sharing, collaboration and reporting anywhere, anytime—in 3D and Augmented Reality.

Wireless autonomy from A to Z

Proceq GP8800 is the only ground penetrating radar in the market that offers complete, wireless autonomy and flexibility in an mini, ultra portable, lightweight probe that connects to iPad over encrypted Wi-Fi.

There is no need to connect Proceq GP8800 to any master GPR device with long, thick, and fragile cables that adversely impact data quality. Say goodbye to tripping hazards, and welcome convenient scanning, even overhead.

As for flexibility: the wireless wheel snaps effortlessly on any side of the probe in both trailing and side-car configurations, and can be rotated at will for cross-polarisation, even while you scan—without fumbling with screws or tools.

Flexible power, limitless access

Proceq GP8800 is powered by a battery pack with rechargeable AA batteries, enabling smooth air travel and easy battery replenishment’s worldwide.

Need unlimited autonomy, better access to tight spaces, or both? Simply tether the battery pack or an off-the-shelf power bank by USB-C and scan under pipes with as little as 63 mm (2.5 in) distance to concrete—for hours and hours.

Pioneering ultra-wide band, crystal-clear data

Proceq GP8800 features the unique implementation of Stepped-Frequency Continuous-Wave (SFCW) radar technology by Proceq, delivering the most ultra-wide bandwidth ever in a handheld GPR device.

As proven by the explosive global adoption of Proceq GPR Live by expert GPR users since 2017, SFCW GPR technology by Proceq delivers far superior signal-to-noise ratio compared to traditional high-frequency pulsed GPR devices for concrete scanning.

Now available in the ultra portable form factor of Proceq GP8800, SFCW GPR will continue to impress you with superior inspection insights thanks to crystal-clear radar data, without the traditional dilemma between multiple pulsed-GPR antennas, center frequencies, and their hard compromises between resolution and penetration depth.


  • Structural inspection in tight, congested and overhead spaces
  • Structural inspection close to walls and slab edges
  • Structural inspection of irregular and curved surfaces
  • Locating of rebars, tendons, ducts and pipes before drilling, cutting and coring
  • Spot check of rebar cover
  • Investigation of unknown structures
  • Conformity check of new buildings
  • Complete 2D and 3D imaging of rebar layout and other targets
  • Thickness measurement from a single side
  • Quality assessment


Display Any compatible Apple® iPad (iOS 10 and higher)
Memory Up to 1 TB (depending on the iPad model)
Connections Encrypted Wi-Fi connection to iPad
Measurement Modes
  • Line Scan
  • Area Scan with Flexible Grid
Review modes
  • Non-Migrated
  • Migrated “heatmap”
  • Time-slice/Depth-slice
  • On-site 3D view with ColorDepth
  • On-site Augmented Reality (2D and 3D)
Reporting software
  • Cloud synchronisation
  • Cloud-enabled Logbook
  • Cloud-based SEG-Y export
  • Cloud-based report generation
  • Exporting to JPG, PNG, CSV, SEG-Y, HTML
Battery Removable pack, 4x AA (NiMH), flight-safe
Battery Lifetime 2.5 h (up to 8 h with an off-the shelf 10’000 mAh power bank)
Special Features
  • Wireless wheel, reconfigurable at any time without tools
  • Cross-polarisation (trailing and side-car configurations)
  • USB-C tethering to battery pack / power bank


  •  AASHTO R 37-04
  •  ACI 228.2R.98
  •  ASTM D4748−10
  •  ASTM D6087−08
  •  ASTM D6432−11
  •  EN 302066 – ETSI
  •  NCHRP Synthesis 255
  •  SHRP S-300
  •  SHRP S-325
  •  SHRP H-672


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