Proceq Zonotip Ultrasonic Thickness Instrument

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The Proceq Zonotip and the Zonotip+ (with additional features) are designed to measure the thickness of not only ferrous and non-ferrous metals, but also parts made from polymers, glass, ice, and other materials with a low ultrasonic attenuation.

The Proceq Zonotip’s measuring range on steel is from 0.8 mm to 300 mm. The automation processes in the Proceq Zonotip makes measuring very convenient. The Proceq Zonotip’s large, high-contrast colour display ensures easy real-time visual control of the inspection process.

Two different probes are available: the standard dual-element 4.0 MHz transducer and the compact single-element 2.5 MHz transducer. The PC software Proceq Zonolink addresses professional data management needs.


  • Pipelines
  • Tanks and pressure vessels
  • Erosion determination on pipes and tubes

 Key Features of Proceq Zonotip Ultrasonic Instrument:

  • Solid body of light, shock-proof plastic
  • Suitable for difficult weather conditions (frost- and heat-proof)
  • Large high-contrast color display ensures visual control of the inspection process
  • Memory for 50’000 measurements
  • 4.0 MHz dual-element transducer
  • Automatic adaptation to the surface curvature and roughness
  • Automatic logging of max and min values while scanning the object
  • Measuring of the ultrasonic pulse velocity on a sample with known thickness
  • Colour, sound and vibration indication when set limits are exceeded
  • USB connection to PC for data transfer
  • 8 different languages selectable

Additional Features of Zonotip+

  • Smaller 2.5 MHz single-element transducer
  • A-Scan mode showing waveform on display and saves images to memory
  • Metal thickness measuring through surface coating (e.g. paint) in A-Scan mode
  • Proceq – Bringing you over 50 years of know how
  • Zonotip Ultrasonic Thickness Instrument



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