Proceq Equotip Bambino 2
Portable Hardness Tester


The Proceq Equotip Bambino 2 is an easy-to-use portable hardness tester for precise measurements on most metals.
Abbey Spares Ltd Proceq Equotip Bambino 2

Proceq Equotip Bambino 2 Portable Hardness Tester

The Proceq Equotip Bambino 2 measures the Leeb hardness value (HL) of materials, which is a ratio of the rebound velocity to the impact velocity. This HL value can then be converted to other standard hardness scales such as Rockwell, Brinell, Shore and Vickers using conversion tables generated from the original Leeb standard and stored in the display unit.

The Proceq Equotip Bambino 2 combines modern electronics and an innovative impact device to offer an unmatched price/performance ratio. This stand-alone tester does not require a separate indicating device, cable, or PC hardware.

Through its light and compact design, the Proceq Equotip Bambino 2 is ideal for quality control and testing for incoming inspection and throughout production. Its user-friendly operating interface and its practical function make the Proceq Equotip Bambino 2 the most ergonomic integrated rebound hardness tester available.


Proceq Equotip Bambino 2 features:

  • Standardized testing according to DIN 50156 and ASTM A956
  • Automatic recognition and compensation for the impact direction – highly accurate
  • Large easy-to-read high-contrast LCD display – makes readings easier
  • Converts the individual readings and mean test results to all common hardness scales (HV, HB, HRC, HRB, HS)
  • Easy operation – setting of all test parameters via the 3-button keypad
  • scratch-resistant Aluminum housing – rugged and durable
  • intelligent On/Standby power switching for optimum battery charge lifethe internal Li-ion battery can be recharged through the USB port or using the optional external charger
  • Compact size for easy carrying – just 145mm x 44mm x 20mm
  • Can be upgraded to the Equotip® Piccolo at any time

  • Standards:

    •  ASTM A 95 • ASTM E 14 • ASTM A 37 • ISO 16859 • DIN 50156 • GB/T 17394 • JB/T 9378

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