Proceq Pundit PL-200 – Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity

Proceq Pundit PL-200PE – Ultrasonic Pulse Echo

Proceq Pundit 250 Array Ultrasonic Imaging Scanner

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The Proceq Pundit Family of Concrete Ultrasonic Instruments include the Pundit PL 200, Pundit PE 200 Pulse Echo and the newly launched Pundit 250 Array ultrasonic deep imaging scanner

The Proceq Pundit PL-200 provides an extended range of measurement modes and superior features for on-site testing: Assess the concrete uniformity using standard A-Scans and the new Line Scan functionality, estimate the compressive strength of concrete or measure the surface velocity and the depth of perpendicular cracks.

The intelligent software supports directly accessible settings in real time from the measuring screen. The highest resolution and sharpest image available in the market allows best possible analysis of the measured waveforms.

Proceq offers an extensive range of transducers for the Pundit PL-200 providing highest accuracy and a proven field track record.


The Proceq Pundit PL-200PE employs state-of-the-art pulse echo technology to extend the ultrasonic application to objects where access is restricted to a single side.

The measurement process is greatly assisted by Proceq innovations such as advanced echo tracking and automatic estimation of Pulse Velocity. The A-Scan Mode allows direct analysis of the raw signal and the real-time B-Scan Mode provides a cross-sectional view perpendicular to the scanning surface. The Area Scan enables slab thickness uniformity testing in grid patterns.

This allows the user to determine the slab thickness and to localize subsurface deformities such as voids, pipes, delaminations and honeycombing.

Control buttons and optical feedback directly on the probe increase measurement efficiency and make to instrument even more user-friendly.


The Proceq Pundit 250 Array ultrasonic deep imaging scanner is perfect for thickness measurements, localization of defects and detection of objects in concrete and fiber reinforced concrete. It features real-time B-Scans and a panorama mode.

Single handed positioning with upgrades to double handle and 16 channels for large area scans

High resolution of defects, rebars and tendon ducts with superior near field performance

The Pundit 250 Array is based on the ultrasonic multichannel pulse echo technology using 8 channels. One channel transmits and the echoes are received by the
other seven channels. Each channel transmits in turn. A complete measurement consists of 56 A-scans. These are used to compute and display a B-scan in real-time
using the Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique (SAFT). Coupling two transducers results in a 16 channel aperture processing a total of 240 A-scans per measurement cycle




Brochure for the PL200 / PE200

Proceq Pundit 250 Array

Pundit 250 Array Brochure


  • Line scans for concrete uniformity assessment
  • Zoom and scroll for precise A-Scan inspection
  • On board storage and review of waveforms
  • Settings directly accessible on measuring screen
  • Dual cursor for manual A-Scan evaluation
  • Separate cursor to measure signal amplitude
  • Improved surface velocity measurement
  • Automatic and manual triggering and user adjustable trigger threshold
  • A-Scan update rate up to 25 Hz
  • Expandable with Pundit Pulse Echo transducer

The ultrasonic test equipment Proceq Pundit PL-200 complies with the following standards:

  • EN12504-4 (Europe)
  • ASTM C 597-02 (North America)
  • BS 1881 Part 203 (UK)
  • ISO1920-7:2004 (International)
  • IS13311 (India)
  • CECS21 (China)

Pundit PL-200

Through Transmission:
Access from two sides


Assessment of Concrete Quality
Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity

Compressive strength and SONREB
Determination of crack depth
Modulus of elasticity
Scan Modes
Line Scans

Pundit PL-200PE

Pulse Echo:
Single side access


Assessment of Concrete Quality
Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity

Slab thickness from a single side
Detection and localization of voids, pipes, cracks (parallel to surface), and honeycombing

Scan Modes