Proceq Profometer-Corrosion Analysis Instrument

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As the direct successor to the Canin, the Proceq Profometer Corrosion represents the most advanced corrosion instrument in the market based on the half-cell method.
In addition to the basic rod electrode, the use of Proceq’ s unique one and four wheel electrodes enables the highest on site productivity on large areas.


  • Intuitive user friendly interface for data acquisition
  • Buttons indicate measuring path direction
  • Optimized workflow for rod and wheel measurements
  • Customizable text can be entered for the specific locations
  • Flexible features enable the mapping of any irregular geometry
  • Improved digital filtering to remove the effect of external noise (civil and industrial power sources)

The Technology

The half-cell method is used to identify active corrosion of rebars based on the electro chemical properties of reinforced concrete.

All the Proceq electrodes (rod or wheel) are based on a Copper / Copper Sulphate (Cu/CuSO4) half-cell.
However specific applications or customer preferences sometimes require different reference electrodes. This is why the Profometer Corrosion voltage input range allows also the connection of Silver / Silver Chloride (Ag/AgCl) electrodes or Saturated Calomel (Hg/Hg2Cl2) reference electrode.

The standard cable supplied with the Proceq rod electrode can be easily connected to most third party rod electrodes allowing the full compatibility of the system.
The detection of the hot spots where active corrosion begins involves the measuring of the localized negative values of the halfcell potential (i.e. corrosion potential). When using a rod electrode the user has to define a grid fine enough not to miss any local negative peak, while the use of a wheel electrode on the new Profometer Profometer Corrosion ensures a new level of accuracy.

The wheel system is fast enough to measure the electrical potential continuously along its linear paths, ensuring the most negative measured value will always be recognized and stored with its associated location.

Proceq Profometer Corrosion

  • Voltage measuring range -1000 to + 1000 mV
  • Voltage resolution 1 mV
  • Impedance 100 MΩ
  • Sampling rate 900 Hz

Standards and guidelines

  • ASTM C876*, RILEM TC 154-EMC,
  • DGZfP B3, SIA 2006, UNI 10174,
  • JGJ/T 152, JSCE E 601,
  • CE certification

*Note: for the full ASTM C876 compliance, depending on the maximum aggregate size of the investigated concrete, the user may have to provide a larger contact sponge than the standard one supplied with the rod electrode.


Proceq Profometer-Corrosion Analysing Instrument