Proceq Portable Concrete Test Instruments

Abbey Spares and Supplies Ltd

Proceq’s range of concrete testing equipment is second to none. Please choose from the menu for further information on the PROFOMETER rebar locator/cover meter family, CANIN+ corrosion analyser, RESIPOD resistivity meter, DY Family pull-off and extraction testers, TORRENT permeability testers and the PUNDIT LAB ultrasonic UPV instrument for crack detection PUNDIT PE Pulse Echo and the new PUNDIT 250 ARRAY

*NEW* Hygropin Moisture Meter to meet the ASTM Standard F2170

*NEW* Resipod Resistivity Meter

*NEW* Profometer Corrosion to replace CANIN Corrosion Analyser
Proceq – Bringing you over 50 years of know how

Proceq Concrete Test Instruments from Abbey Spares

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